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thanks for join ug us. joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. we are learning more about the victim from the deadly shooting rampage on friday. president obama is headed there to help comfort the survivors. abc news reporter toman bradley has more. >> the anguish is visible everywhere. in the morning, a tearful ving git. and even "saturday night live"
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paid tribute to the victims. >> all is calm ♪ >> a father of one of the victims, robbie, parker describes the last time he saw his daughter. >> she said she loved me and gave me a kiss and went out the door. >> she is one of the victims the gunman targeted. all of the children first graders, six or seven years old. six adults were killed and among them a principal and psychologist, all children. >> the principal of the school was running toward the shooter to protect the students. as was the school psychologist. >> the medical examiner's grim details dealt the grieving community another blow. he says some children were shot as many as 11 times. >> this is the worst i have seen. >> we are learning more about the 20-year-old shooter who heavily armed and coated in cevlar broke into the school by breaking the glass at the
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entrance. his mother is a former student and his mother worked as a teacher's aid. >> she ended up home schooling him because she bats telled with the school district. in what capacity i am not certain. >> the gunman's father issued a statement saying no words can express how heart broken we are. we are in a state of disbelief and trying to find what answers we can. for the survivors, there is only heartbreak and haunting images from a day of terror. >> my teacher saved a life and she called mr. gunn her husband and he called the police. >> president obama will be here to meet with the grieving families and attend a prayer vigil. sandy hook, connecticut. and this breaking news, police just finished a news conference and among the things they talked about was recovering evidence. they said the weapons are
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being studied back to when they were being assembled. the weapons that shooter adam lanza had. they are still combing through the school and the vehicles and the cars around the school are being searched. when they finish the search they give them back to their owners. they are quite concerned about misinformation. misinformation is getting out there on social media from people posing as the shooter or other bogus players in this tragedy. we will have more from what they had to say at that news conference on abc7 news. that grieving community in newtown came together for a vigil. they shared their stories and the sense of loss. a doctor who helped treat victims is deeply shaken by what he experienced. >> this is the darkest thing i ever walked into by far. i have been through medical training which is -- which has taught me a lot about dealing with stressful situations and
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this is the darkest thing that i have ever experienced in my life. very traumatic. just horrific. >> and there was a church service there to give the people a chance for spiritual healing. there was a growing memorial, flowers and messages as people reached out to try to support one another. the bay area is grieving and offering condolences to the innocent victims who died at the school. at this morning's mass at saint mary's cathedral, there was a moment of silence and reflection. abc7 news reporter kyra clabber is live to -- clapper is live to give us the details. >> i am pretty sure it is safe to say it is going on across the country as people go to their places of worship. as you mentioned monsignor started this morning's masses by saying a special prayer for the victims and those affected in connecticut.
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and then he proceeded with the moment of silence. he said "our hearts are wrenched and we ask for god's mercy" in the church a small memorial is set up. a wreath with 26 ribbons, one for each of the innocent victims at sandy hooks school. people left flowers and lit candles. the words read "they have lost so much, children, family members and friends, their sense of security and meaning. let them know you are with them even with their shock and grief." at this morning's 7:30 a.m. mass congress graw ghents didn't want to be on camera, but they would be saying additional prayers for those no connecticut. one man showed his weekly prayer list and he is adding the names of the victims to his list. >> these are people who passed away on the left hand side. the people that are sick. of course my wife had an accident recently, just
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everybody. i think about them every sunday. >> we will be adding the list of the connecticut victims. >> certainly. >> today is a day to pray especially for all of those people masacred and for their families or friends. to all of those people who are in pain and sorrow. >> there are two more masses which the monsignor will lead a prayer for those who were killed, those who lost and all affected by the tragedy in connecticut. also here in san francisco at grace cathedral, all remaining holiday concerts will be dedicated to those victims. reporting live in san francisco, skier -- kyra clapper, abc news. >> i'm sure you are right. it is going everywhere. those who knew adam lanza said he was a shy and socially awkward member. he was an honor student and
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member of the tech club. >> i know she had issues with school. she eventually wound up home schooling him. she battled with the school district. in what capacity i am not certain. whether it was behavior or learning disability. >> adam lanza's father, peter issued a statement. it says "our hearts go out to the family and friends who lost loved ones. we too are asking why." and this morning we are learning new details about the young victims of friday's shooting rampage. it is only amplifying the heartbreak of the national tragedy. we have willed to you before how tonight president obama is going to visit these grieving families in person. laura anthony is in new town, connecticut -- newton, connecticut and she will bring us the details as the story unfolds. laura, if you are there, let's
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hear from you now. >> hi, carolyn. i can hear you. yes, we just arrived this morning from the hotel a few miles away. i can tell you coming through town this morning there was an intense feeling of grief and sorrow. folks lined up trying to come into town to pay their respects. in the meantime, the investigation here also continues. federal agents as we said are fanning out to gun shops and drive ranges here, gun ranges in the area trying to learn anything they can about this twenty-year-old shooter, adam lanza. he was heavily armed and wearing body armor when he literally shot his way into sandy hooks school breaking windows at the front entrance. he shot and killed the principal and psychologist running toward him trying to protect the children. this morning we are hearing from surviving children. two twin boys describe how their teachers and -- teacher
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saved the liar. >> we hid in my teacher's office. everyone was quiet. my teacher saved the life. she also called her husband, and he called the police. when the policemen came in to get us, he told us to close our eyes. like on the picture on the news do this. >> and run. >> and just go out. >> many, many stories like that coming out of this town this morning. as i said this morning we had a chance to drive through this tiny community. the downtown area, if you will, there were lines of cars probably a mile long. people getting into town. others were parking outside of town and they were walking in with flowers. we saw people with toys. there are memorials throughout the town and there are signs saying everything from god bless newton to hug a
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teacher. very somber in connecticut. carolyn? >> yes, i was going to ask you about that, being so somber there. kind of set the scene for us for what you have seen and felt. is it an eerie feeling there? >> very much so, carolyn. it is very somber. as we were in town this morning there are lots of people who virtually no one is talking. those who are talking are whispering among themselves. virtually every business in town has a sign up asking for prayers . we saw folks going into a church bringing flowers and going in to pay their respects. this is a sleepy community. it is a very safe community. these folks are clearly rocked by what happened two days ago. as you can see the weather fits the occasion. it is dark. it is cold. it is very so many -- very
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somber. >> we know you just got there. thank you very much. we will be looking for your reports tonight on abc7 news. well, the united way of western connecticut has started a donation drive for the victims of the shooting. there is a link to the web page at just click on see it on tv. you can post this badge to your facebook wall. it is a silent show of support for everyone in that town, newtown, connecticut. let's turn now to our weather. here is lisa argen with a quick first look at the accu-weather forecast. >> hi, carolyn, you can see the clouds behind you. we have had drizzle and light rain not only in the north bay, but here is where we start, and much of the moisture is falling under the radar beam. we are looking at some higher
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rain from mountain view to san jose. temperatures in mid40s to near 50. we have the raiders gay i'm and occasion -- we have the raiders game. that will be arriving later on tonight. now back to other news. san francisco police detained a man after a domestic dispute lead to a lengthy standoff on knob hill. it started with an argument around 6:30. when police arrived they backed off thinking the man might have a weapon. nearby residents were evacuated and told to shelter in place until the surrendered. they were searching for a weapon past midnight. two adults and a juvenile have been arrested in connection with the shooting death of two teenagers in oakland last month. a 15-year-old and her best friend were gunned down on a quiet strait corners. the girls were standing on the 2600 block of menna avenue
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when a car drove by and fired at least 36 shots. a 16-year-old boy is accused of spray painting bomb threats that shutdown two schools in the south bay. more on that later. but coming up next, the change of the guard in japan. the nation celebrating new leadership after today's parlimentary elections. and a top republican offers to raise taxes on the wealthy, the very wealthy. we'll tell you what h
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new this morning japan's liberal democratic party has won the election and a former prial minister -- and a former prime minister. he resigned for health reasons in 2007 after only one year in office. now a second chance to lead japan out of the economic slump. egypt's islamists are claiming a majority vote on that country's proposed charter. they have a narrow majority in the first round of a referendum on the constitution. this morning the brotherhood's own count shows 57% of the
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initial 26 million voters approved the charter. more voting for the country's remaining 25 million voters. they hailed from the muslim brotherhood which has accurately predicted past election results. as u.s. lawmakers and president obama grapple with ways to avoid the impending fiscal cliff, a top republican will raise income taxes on americans making more than $1 million a year. the move by house speaker john baner is a concession in negotiations with president obama to avoid the fast approaching end of temporary tax cuts. it falls far short of the president's demands for an increase on households earning $ 250,000. while it suggests a possible breakthrough in the standoff, a spokesman for speaker baner says a deal is definitely not imminent. anotherring soggy day in the bay area.
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lisa argen is here tracking all of this wet weather. >> most of the heavy rain, well i should say all of the heavy rain will arrive tonight. just scattered light showers. mainly north and in the city right now. you can see the clouds out there, but we have sunshine in parts of the south bay and the east bay. what to expect the rest of your sunday. i'll let you know about that and the pretty wet week ahead. that's coming up. >> also ahead, hundred of -- hundreds of nurses are using this holiday season to send a message to their employers. what they have planned this
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thousands of bay area union nurses will hold a one-day strike on christmas eve. the california nurse's association says the strike affects seven bay area hospitals operated by sutter health and two more san jose hospitals uh affiliated with the hospital corporation of america. this will be the eighth strike since september of last year. it comes as union leader reis main add -- at odds over staffing levels and other contract issues. and those nurses could be out there are ma ofing in the rain, right? >> that's right. we will have on and off rain showers today. they are certainly off in the sout bay where there is sunshine. it has been gray in the city with some light rain. here is a look at the golden gate bridge. and looking at it, a few drops
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here and there. but right now it looks dry. livermore reporting some fog. quarter mile visibility as well as santa rosa and concord this morning. careful in the east bay. starting out with live doppler 7hd, and the sweep is on top of mount saint huh lena -- mount saint helena. it is not picking up a lot of it. you can see the returns up to the north in ukiah and so much of the north bay has been looking at the cloud cover while the east bay has some fog and the south bay has seen some clear spots with some sunshine. this is a visible picture. we will see from time to time some mixed skies with some sun, cloud cover and a little pre sip out there. the numbers are much milder from 50 at the coast. yesterday the high was 49 in san francisco. if you thought it was cold, you were right. we have been right at 49 all morning long. starting out milder and sunshine here as well with 51
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in monterey. 24 hours ago we were much will coulder. we are 10 degrees warm neither santa rosa as well as east bay valleys. 5 to 6 degrees milder with red rood city at 8 -- with redwood city at 8 degrees. clouds and sun and a possibility of a few showers. the next system comes on through overnight. here is a look at some rain to the north. mount shasta picked up a couple of inches. 1:00 in the afternoon, you will notice a bit of a break. then the next system. widespread rain tonight and heavier rain through the overnight hours. it is out of here by early tomorrow morning. rainfall amounts are not much. just a trace in the south bay with about a half inch in the east bay and then in the north we could see more than that. low 50s and a slight chance of a shower later today. more clouds around than sun, but if you see some sun, consider yourself lucky. temperatures ending around the
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50 degree mark. more heavy rain at the end of the week. >> and winter begins on friday the 21st. thank you, lisa. in sports there will be a moment of silence around the nfl in remembrance of the connecticut victims. when the new england patriots meet the san francisco 49ers they will have special decals on their helmets. elsewhere in sports, the warriors are having a tremendous start to their season. here is shu with this morning's sports. >> good morning. well, the warriors' longest road trip of the year, seven games in 11 days ended yesterday in atlanta. they won the first five which included a win over the defending world channel m -- champion miami heat. it ended with a win coming home 6-1. the best start since the 1991-1992 season. barnes improving every game. he had 19 in the game. check out this follow-up, one hand slam. he had 19 as well. 62-49 warriors at the half. this team is most effective
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when everyone is involved. three of his 13. disaif -- david leigh averages a double-double. seth curry playing like an allstar. two rebound stops and a triple double. a steel and slam and he had 18 points. 6 and 1 on a road trip for the first time in franchise history. 115-93 the final. let's move over to college hoops. stanford men facing uc davis. nonconference match up after a couple weeks of exams. the only aggie player to show up. 23 of his team's 52 showing up. despite the layoff, he never sleeps. he had 14 points and cardinals lead at the half. powell lead all cardinal players as stanford improves to 7-3 with a 75-52 victory. cal hosting 16th ranked crayton. 6th in the nation in scoring, but only two points in the first half.
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he had 18. but they were no match for doug mcdermott. 34 points and monster game for the bluejays. cal falls to 6 and 3. to high school football state championship. it is the open division crown and centennial has the state's leading offense averaging 542 yard with two 1,000-yard rushers. he is talking about retiring after 34 years at the helm. three of his four rushing touchdowns in the first half. this one for 46 yards. they were up 21-0. the second half and chris williams guns it and to austin loan star, great name. 35-14 spar -- spartans. they have a great offense, but couldn't get any closer. de la salle open division state champ yins for -- champions for the fourth year. division 3 title game.
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he is headed to cal and threw four td's and is this one to hanley. madison answers on the ensuing drive. he ran for 272 yards. you can't coach speed, and this kid has some. 79 yards and madison is your division 3 champion with a 38-35 victory. the raiders hosting kansas city to take on the patriots tonight. we'll have all of that for you later on. i'm mike shu -- mike shumann, have a great day. and panic in an upscale mall. fortunately it does not have a tragic ending. >> some people here in the bay area are honoring the victims of the connecticut school shooting by getting rid of
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police just gave an update into the friday school shootings. the primary crime scene in the school is still an active investigation. police are also quite concerned about bogus postings on social media from people claiming to be the shooter or making threatening remarks. >> it is important to know that we have discussed with federal authorities that these issues are crimes. they will be investigated statewide and federally and prosecution will take place when people perpetrating this information are identified.
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>> lieutenant vance says the investigation into the two happened guns and assault rifle used is on going. every detail about the guns is being studied right down to when and where they were assembled. we are getting a more complete picture of the gunman as police tried to learn why 20-year-old adam lanza went on the deadly rampage. investigators tell abc news those weapons that we talked about lanza using were likely registered to his mother who has been described as a gun enthusiast. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross has the latest. >> police say they already found important clues in the lanza's four-bedroom, $600,000 home where the killer's mother , 52-year-old nancy lanza, was the first victim. >> and hopefully painting the complete picture of how and more importantly why this occurred. >> authorities say nancy lanza owned the same stale guns her son used to kill her and the 26 victims at the elementary
9:32 am
school. most were killed with multiple shots from the high powered semiautomatic weapon. >> this is probably the worst i have seen. >> the connection between adam lanza and the sandy hook elementary school was when he went to school there and his mother was a teacher's aid. according to his mother's sister. >> she had problems with school and she ended up home schooling him. she battled with the school district. in what capacity i am not certain if it was behavior or learning disabilities. >> as a fuller picture began to emerge, including his membership in the high school tech club, former classmates told abc news he was a smart, but socially awkward student. >> he always carried a briefcase. that's what sticks out in my mind. >> adam's parents, went through an uncontested divorce three years ago. nancy purchased so many weapons because she was concerned for her safety
9:33 am
living alone. >> i think the reason she may have had them. for the sake of many more in this country it was for self-defense and no other reason. >> brian ross reporting. a previously scheduled gun buy gabbing -- buy back program has gotten a boost. hundreds of guns were turned over yesterday and bought by oakland and san francisco police. abc7 news reporter thomas roman has the story. >> i decided to give up on guns. i don't need it. >> michelle who didn't want to give her last name was one of more than 200 people willing to sell their guns to san francisco police. many who stood and waited in this long line at the san francisco omega boys club were brought here by the same tragedy. it was the mass murder of 20 children in connecticut. >> it hit me pretty strong. >> is that why you brought the gun? >> absolutely. i never thought about getting rid of them before. >> he is a vietnam vet and he
9:34 am
and his wife sobbed while watching the news. jan was turning in her gun so it could never be used to take a life. >> i feel if this is something that might hurt somebody some day, then i would feel terrible. >> the gun buy back was funded by a group in oakland. they contacted the omega boys club in san francisco. the director doctor joseph michael says the turnout shows both communities care about gun violence. >> when the community says enough is enough you have a good chance at something like this. >> in oakland people lined up at 6:00 a.m. to turn in guns at saint benedict's church. th is where the director of youth uprising and oakland police were buying the guns. >> we have every anticipation that we will be exceeding our wildest expectations. >> the initial target was taking 500 guns off the street. a financial incentive helped bring these people out. >> the money, money, money. >> $200 was paid for each
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handgun or rifle. a limit of three weapons for each resident, and people had to prove they resided in the city buying the guns. oakland and san francisco police departments are going to be asking the governor to see if he can make this gun buy back a state program. in san francisco, i'm thomas roman, abc7 news. police in orange county arrested a man who fired about 50 shots in the parking lot of an upscale newport beach shopping mall. someone captured the sound of the gunfire on home video. no one was injured fortunately. police arrested a 42-year-old man while the outdoor mall went into lock down. a bomb squad robot investigated the car where the suspect was arrested to make sure nothing dangerous was inside. it is not clear why the man was shooting his gun in the air, but police and merchants reacted quickly in the wake of the connecticut school tragedy. governor jerry brown recently rejected a new cal
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trans pr contract that would have cost taxpayers nearly $10 million over three years. but it turns out the plan would have been a renewal of the pricey deal. today san francisco chronicle reports over the last four years cal trans has spent $8 million on public relations. much of it going to the same consultants who were pushing for this new deal. the five-member communications team was billing the state at rates topping out at $160 an hour for each member. they put together two websites and conducted media tours of the new bay bridge project. a section of highway 1 through sonoma county will remain closed indefinitely. the highway was closed between fort ross and meyers grade road. a small section of the road collapsed earlier this month when that series of storms hit our area. officials initially hope to reopen the highway this week, button gin nears have determined the work will take longer than expected.
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taxi drivers in san francisco are fighting back. they are upset about apps that have private cars taking away their business. so they have launched an aggressive new campaign of their own with an app that lets you call them to come pick you up. as abc7 news reporter jonathon bloom explains, while the other apps are butting heads with government regulators, this one is working with them. >> as he drives his taxi through the bumpy streets of san francisco, a little smart phone mounted right below the meter starts to ring. the phone is running a brand-new app called fly wheel. if you are a customer, the app looks like this, a map of all of the participating cabs in the city. >> you push one button, the one nearest to you is assigned and dispatched to you. >> the technology has been around for two years. some cab companies were using it before they called the black town cars. now with the ceremonial driveoff it is being reborn as fly wheel. it is complete with bold new advertising and a promise to
9:38 am
help cabbies compete with the black cars and the lift drivers with their pink mustaches. >> they get 20 to 30% more by having the mobile apps having to access the realtime. >> it is already in a third of san francisco taxis next to the other communication device. >> which is a uhs radio. there wasn't any advancement in 50 years. now we have the power of a cell phone. >> for cab companies, fly wheels can replace older dispatch systems or work alongside the two-way radio to give a bird's eye view of where the drivers are. >> i need four caps in about 10 or 12 minutes. >> by working with dispatchers in assisted of going around them -- instead of going around them they have broad support of the cab companies. >> three have been assigned. >> and while lift, uber and side car battle fines, fly wheel earned a glowing endorsement from the city. >> this company worked with us, and it is something we would recommend. >> the mta says soon it plans to get all cab companies using
9:39 am
the location tracking so fly wheel and other apps can hail any cab in the city. jonathon bloom, abc7 news. >> and the time right now is 9:39. let's take a live look from our emeryville cam. it is going to have an isolated shower or two today, and the temperature will not climb much higher than 53 degrees. i have that from our meteorologist lisa argen who will be along with a full
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and now more about the senseless shooting in
9:42 am
connecticut. that state's governor tells abc news the school gunman committed suicide when he heard first responders coming. on abc's this week, governor daniel malloy raised the possibility that lanza planned a larger masacre than the one he carried out on friday when he used a high powered rifle to kill 20 children and six adults. >> he shot his way into the school. the school was locked. he used a weapon to open up the glass and then -- >> he blasted right through it, right? >> with a number of rounds. he discharged to make an opening and then went through it. went to the first classroom as you know, went to the second class m rue. we sum myself -- summize it was during the second classroom episode that he heard responders coming, and apparently had decided to take his own life. >> the governor says police got there quickly arriving within 10 minutes from the
9:43 am
time the first call was made by someone in the school office who was injured, but is expected to fully recover and may be able to provide more insight. this afternoon volunteers with glide church will sort through donations for next saturday's big toy distribution. you can see from this video from past years it brings magic to the eyes of local children who might not otherwise have a happy holiday. volunteers will meet at 2:00 this afternoon at saint mary's cathedral in san francisco. the act of giving back and sharing, the wealth is very much alive this holiday. at glide yesterday, the building was packed with people. each received a blanket donated by the sikh community. this is the 16th year they have collected blankets and passed them out to those in need. a wet weekend all over the bay area. cold as well. meteorologist lisa argen is
9:44 am
here now to let us know when can we put the umbrellas away. >> well, we are looking at our next organized rain not until tonight. today is an opportunity to see a little bit of sun. there still should be a few showers around, but we are look at milder numbers near 50. this is our roof camera. you can see the clouds so don't put away the umbrella. we'll let you know when we will see the more measure rabble rain rain -- measurable rain. >> here is something folks want to know about getting a piece of the world series champions, the san francisco giants. if you aring looing for a hole -- if you are looking for a holiday gift for a baseball fan,
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here is your chance to get your hands on some memorabilia from the world champion san francisco giants. at noon items used or worn by team players this past season will go on sale at at&t park. a portion of the proceeds will go to benefit the giants community fund. this may be your chance to buy a future collectible. lisa, would you mind going over to at&t park around noon today and looking for something from angel pagan i think? >> aren't we all? it won't be a bad day out there. if you are headed out to do some shopping we are in between weather systems as we say. maybe you can run out and do that. a live look outside right now. here is lake tahoe where the temperatures are in the 30s. so just above freezing with
9:48 am
some sunshine. we do have some new snow in the forecast. we have a winter storm warning and it will be awfully windy here today with the lake wind advisory. and we are looking at a little rain here and there today. but overall, the more organized rain holds off tonight -- until tonight with the next system that arrives through the overnight hours and then is out of here by midday tomorrow. here is a look at live doppler 7hd. fort ross offshore from bodega bay. we are looking at a few light areas of rain. the cloud cover, the mist and the drizzle has been to the north of the golden gate. san francisco just saw a shower, and we are looking at fog from concord to livermore and around santa rosa, .001 this morning, but sunshine and breaks around the south bay this morning. so where the sun has been shining the temperatures are just about 50 degrees. otherwise mid40s with the fog. those southly winds ahead of the next anemic system that isn't going to bring -- well,
9:49 am
actually yesterday was the anemic system. the one tonight is going to bring -- oh it could bring a half an inch to an inch in the north bay. 10 degrees warmer this morning in the north bay with 5 to 8 degrees warmer in the south bay. so a few showers this afternoon. the raiders game, you might see a stray shower. cloudy and a few sunny breaks. the next system comes on through with a big break after that one. that is pretty good because we are looking at a wet time of it as we head toward the end of the upcoming workweek. three and a half inches around mount shasta earlier. here is the timing and what to expect today. the scattered showers around the bay from the north bay to the coast, 1:00, and then notice 5:00, 6:00 a shower. here is the next system. by 8:00 tonight it is pushing into the north bay, but it is through here by about 10:00 tomorrow. we are not looking at much in the way of rain. then a dryer air mass moves in on tuesday and wednesday and then maybe some showers paralleling the coast on tuesday. we will get cold after that system with perhaps some frost.
9:50 am
but rainfall amounts heaviest in the north bay mountains with just up to a 10th and trace amounts in the south bay. a quarter an inch to half inch around the central bay. and the numbers today under the clouds and a few breaks and maybe a few light showers, upper 40s from clear lake to the low 50s in the east bay. and here comes the next weather maker. into the weekend looks on and off into the heavy rain, and that should take us through christmas eve and christmas day. we will have to fine-tune that. >> of course keep your eye on the doppler hd. >> thank you, lisa. if you want to go to the movies this weekend new in theaters "the hobbit." it has all of the "lord of the ription" people involved. it was claimed in a new 3-d technology that some say made them sick. reporter don sanchez looks healthy after seeing it, just
9:51 am
not so happy. >> i am looking for someone to share in an adventure. >> i can't just go running off into the blue. >> reporter: but he does. joining a band of dwarfs all created by make up people in a huh louse nation. and these characters are on a mission. >> they are on a mission to reclaim a mountain. >> reporter: it is guarded by a dragon. >> the dark how better has found a way back -- a dark power has found a way back into the world. >> but it can't figure out if it is action adventure drama or comedy. >> i am surrounding -- surrounded by dwarfs. >> it has big scale action with scary monsters. peter jackson likes to use a helicopter a lot. it is in 3-d, one regular and one at 48 frames per second. that's really breathtaking. "the hobbit" is the prequel to" lord of the rings." it is a smaller book, but it is a trilogy and that's why
9:52 am
scenes go on so long. eventually there is quite a ride ahead. >> the world is ahead. >> let's get back to the technology. 48 frames per second. the picture is like a high def screen, unlike anything you have seen before. i am so focused on the quality of the picture i wasn't paying attention to the story. at times i was looking at my watch to see how long it would last, and it is a three-hour film. yes there are visually spectacular scenes, about you the film seems to have no heart. i give it a little more than half a bucket. don sanchez, abc news, and we'll see you on the aisle. a woman is putting up a fight to bet her pet back. no monkey business here. that little wandering monkey made international news. now the fight to get him back
9:53 am
is taking a new
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check out the winning numbers from last night's $20 million superlotto plus,. no one got all six numbers right. wednesday's jackpot roses roast to $21 million. a bay area scientist thinks he may know why thousands of jumbo squid have been washing up on the california shores. they have been beaching themselves for decades. and now a stanford biologist may have found out why. they tell live they happened during red tides. they are large algae blooms.
9:56 am
they released the toxin in large doses and it could kill the squid in small doses and maybe intoxicate them. they then swim into waters they are not familiar with and wash up on shore. an owner of a wandering monkey in toronto is going to court to get him back. he was found wandering in a toronto eye ikea parking lot last weekend. check him out with the big, warm coat. the woman says the monkey named darwin snuck out of their car. in a court affidavit she argues the tiny monkey was illegally taken from her and moved to a primate sanctuary. the woman says darwin considers his his mom. >> have i a coat like that. i have a coat like that. >> lisa argen is here talking about the need for warm coats these days. >> we won't get too warm, but with the sunshine and all of the clouds we have milder temperatures this, month. if you are headed to the raiders game, low 50s with a
9:57 am
chance of a shower. elsewhere isolated showers today and the heavier rain tonight into tomorrow morning's chute. a break midweek and heavier rain on thursday, friday, saturday looks like beyond as well. >> that is going to do it for us. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen, abc7 news continues at 5:00 this afternoon. if you are fortunate enough to receive a new tablet computer or smart phone this holiday season, remember you can be connected with abc7 news all the time through our app. you can download our popular alarm clock app for your iphone, android or
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